Big Hopes Big Future


Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes…

At Home-Start, we know that children need a stimulating home learning environment to help them start school ready to learn and to reach their full potential.

Home-Start’s Big Hopes Big Future programme has been designed to help you and your children get ready for the important first steps of going to school or nursery. You might want help with one, two or all of the steps below so that your child can:

  • Arrive at school fed and on time
  • Play and share with other children
  • Recognise their own name
  • Dress themselves and put on shoes
  • Eat and drink unaided
  • Cope away from you
  • Use the toilet
  • Understand simple hygiene


Taking part

Specially trained Home-Start volunteers can provide carefully chosen books, toys and learning activities which will help you to:

  • Engage with your child’s early learning
  • Establish good bedtime and morning routines
  • Access services like children’s centres/toddler groups
  • Support you to use positive reinforcement and praise
  • Create a positive home learning environment

Taking part in the BHBF programme will help you to make sure that you and your child are ready to make the change from being at home, to going to nursery or school.

Support from Home-Start is free and confidential; your volunteer will visit you at home once a week and will respect your privacy.

Please get in touch with us if you think you and your child would benefit from this programme or you just want to find out more about it.